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Wedding Planning – Food Tasting 7/19

Images from our weekend wedding food tasting trip. Ian and Samantha (Samantha Scott Events) joined us and we stayed with Joe and Leonora again. We met up at the wedding venue on Friday afternoon. The food was simply amazing and we cannot wait for everyone to enjoy our choices at the wedding.

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Saturday Night Drinks at Lucky’s Steakhouse Saturday, Oct 12th

Lucky's SteakhouseOn Saturday evening starting at 6:30 pm we will be at Lucky’s Steakhouse in Montecito having cocktails. If you want to say hi, please stop by. We will be eating dinner with the wedding party after drinks, feel free to make your own reservation at the restaurant and stay for dinner.

If you are staying at the Montecito Inn, Lucky’s is right next door! Check out Lucky’s Website for details and location.


Wedding Planning Weekend

Images from our weekend wedding planning trip. Ian and Samantha (Samantha Scott Events) joined us and wee stayed with Joe and Leonora. Kelly and Sam met with the Florist and the photographer at our wedding venue. We also finalized plans for the Bachelor/Bachelorette party on a great tour of the local wine country.

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Maryland, DC, and NYC – Summer 2012

This was our trip to DC, Maryland, and NYC – Summer of 2012

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Thanksgiving 2011

This was our T-day in 2011. Mary and Rockey came out and stayed with us.

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Food | We are Foodies!

Food…we love it, eat it and worship it. Here are some images of notable dishes. Of course, these are all attached to special times in our lives, whether at home or on the road.

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Park City, Utah | Ski 2012 Part Deux

We went to Park City with our great friends Ivy and Sven. We stayed at this beautiful and conveniently located hotel called the Caledonian in a condo on the top floor with a perfect view of the city. Our place was so warm and cozy with a jacuzzi outside on the patio! We loved walking up and down the main strip, shopping and enjoying a nice walk after breakfast and dinner! Every meal here was great! Great food and great company! The first night we ate at Butchers Chop House, which was right at the hotel. We walked around the city and actually enjoyed some sushi 3 hours later at Yuki Arashi!

We were so lucky because it snowed hard all day the second day, for Ivy’s Birthday!!

Adam and I skiied the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days we were there.  Our hotel literally had a lift right out the back door! We rented our skiis right across the street from the hotel and jumped on a lift to the top of the mountain! We met Ivy and Sven at the bottom every day for a late lunch. We would text them on our last run to meet us at the bottom and they would leave the room and watch us ski down to meet them. We would meet for a burger and beer at this place called The Bridge, which was at the bottom of the mountain, also right outside of our hotel (barely 2 mins walking from our 4th floor condo). I could not believe how convenient “ski in ski out” was! On the first day it snowed, we skied in knee high powder, it was amazing!! It was incredible to float over!  It was a little challenging for me because of how deep and ungroomed it was on the slopes.  On the second day of skiing, the sloped were groomed and I was getting better as Adam was providing me with helpful tips. On the third day of skiing, Adam I were skiing side by side, weaving in and out of each others tracks, laughing, and flying down the mountain!! We had so much fun!! After each day of skiing, we enjoyed the jacuzzi outside with the great view.

For Ivy’s Birthday, we went out to Mariposa. This meal was unforgettable. The service, the detail, the food… everything was perfect and everyone was blown away by this experience! The snowball for desert was to die for! Happy Birthday IVY!

Valentines Day was two days later and we all went to Prime Steakhouse, which was another delicious meal. The filet was a juicy softball that melted in our mouths. It was a wonderful dinner!

On the last daywe enjoyed breakfast at the  St. Regis Hotel. We took the Funicular up to the top and looked at  Deer Valley Resort while we ate. Another great meal.

The trip was amazing, Park City was beautiful, great shopping, awesome skiing, and fun times!


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Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Ski 2012 Part One

Getting off the airport in Jackson Hole was CRAZY COLD and WINDY! It was ubleievable! We ended up with a pretty awesome SUV and  checked into the Rusty Parrot Lodge. The restaurant here, Wild Sage, was unreal. The truffle and sea salt bread was amazing! The chefs here were top notch. It was an intimate experience with five tables, a fire place and the kitchen connected and open to the dining room. We ate here a couple times.

The first day we accuainted ourselves with the little town we were staying in, found a cute organic grocery store, rented our skiis at the Teton Village, and enjoyed the outdoor jacuzzi (which ended up becoming a regular thing to do after getting back each day from skiing :)). It dumped snow every day but maybe one while we were there! I couldnt believe the minimal visibility, it was a White Out!

We skied for the very first time together ever! It was so much fun! The powder was deep and the slopes were pretty challenging because you really couldnt see much.  We found a really cool brewery, Snake River Brewery, where we would go have a beer and a snack after a long day of skiig. Everyone there was so friendly and cool to us. We tried another restaurant that was recommended to us from the people we met; Rendevous Bistro, which we went to a couple times, and loved it.

We skied 3 days and had an amazing time together! (like always 🙂 )

On the last day, we spent the afternoon watching the playoffs to the superbowl (New England and the Ravens) at the Snake River Brewery. We had a blast!

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Family Engagement Party at Samantha and Ian’s Pad

Special thanks to Samantha and Ian for hosting a great party for us. And to Wendy for adding her touch and helping out, Bob too! Samantha’s house looked awesome and was filled with flowers and candles and some great food. Wendy presented Kelly with a Toby Weston / JoJo Scott hand bag filled with wedding magazines. Mom and Dad rocked some Champagne with us in a great toast! Hilary and Gavin gave us a great card and we were also blessed to have my best mate Alan and his new wife Maureen show up to the gig. Mother Mary, Rockey and Kelly’s dad were missing but with us in spirit; we look forward to seeing them on Thanksgiving.

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