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Poolside in Thailand

Some more photographs at the pool at the Anantara. We met some cool people, Tom and Tina from Norway had us in there villa for Champagne. We had a wonderful dinner with a great bottle of wine to finish the evening.

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Saw Wa Dee | Phuket Thailand 2011

Took off from LA at 10:00 AM Thursday, arrived in Phuket 24 hours later on Saturday morning at 12:10 AM local time. The flights were pretty amazing. We were fortunate enough to be able to fly business class. The service on Asiana was amazing, what a difference from US based carriers. The seats moved in every direction you could think of, even all the way flat. The food on both flights was really good too!

Customs was nothing more then a stamp in the passport. The agent did not even glace at us. Took some time to find our bags, and opportunist was holding them for tip randsom, i was in no mood and we were not in Cabo! We quickly found our ride and within 30 minutes we were safely at the Anantara Phuket. It was after 1:00 am at this time, the hotel was lit beautifully. When we arrived in our villa, we had an amazing Thai room service dinner. The food was off the chart. Enjoy the photographs from our first day, here are some memories:

Breakfast was an orgy of food…cut open young coconut juice, bao, fruit, rice, 100¬†pastries, absolutely amazing food so wonderfully presented

The beach is insanely beautiful, the water is so clean and clear!

We made friends with the pool attendents: Pom and Ding who took great care of us all day. So far they’ve taught us¬†how to say Hello “Sa wa dee”, How are you? “Sa ba dee mai?” and thank you “Kop kun kah”. The ladys respond with “Kah” at the end of their sentence and men respond with “Krap” at the end of their response.

Kelly rolled her ankle in the pool right when we get there and now she’s hobbling around with a bandage!

All the photos of the villa dont even come close to capturing how beautiful it is… We have a pool connected to our bedroom, separated by two huge sliding glass doors, and a bath tub in the pool connected to our bathroom, separated by two sliding glass doors. We have a private Sala just outside of our gate that is over the lagoon and connected by a short walk way.

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