Wedding Registry

KellyandAdam_maldivesWe are not registering for gifts, rather we are doing a Honeymoon Donation…read on:

Kelly and I met again… 2 years after a chance meeting at a party. ¬†During this 2nd chance meeting, this time a business affair, we locked eyes, she did not yet know that I found love at first (second) sight… With a universe rattling kiss, we found that we fit more than nicely together. So, we fell in love. And soon, we’ll fit together as husband and wife.

Your presence will certainly be the best present, but if you’d still like to give us a gift, we’d be most grateful for a contribution to our lovely Asia honeymoon. Currently we have a small shack in Bali and a strip of sand in the Maldives. Any help with cocktails and room upgrades would be most appreciated!!!

You may treat us to any of the items from the list of delights below if you wish, or create a package for us by selecting more than one. Click on each image below to get more info!